Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pokerstars - Tournaments

Probably the best section of Pokerstars is the tournament one. It counts with lots of tourneys starting every 10 minutes or so, ranging from micro limits to higher ones in all poker variants and mixed games. You can find many guaranteed tourneys, some of them with good relation between buy in and the tournament prize pool. For instance in the power limit a 3$ buy in for a 9000$ guaranteed tournament. Due to the high number of players you can count with big fields at least for the no limit texas hold’em players.  Even in overnight hours, no limit events will attract fields of 500 to 1000 players, so get ready for a few hours of poker. Till the next time good bets.

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  1. Another handy feature of the tournament lobbies is they estimate the average length of time a tournament will take, so you can get an estimate of how long it takes you to finish. So you know what you're getting into. Whether or not you want to stake in when you wont be able to finish.